What material is a Vinylize Wall Deco sticker made of ?

Vinylize Wall Deco stickers are made of adhesive vinyl films mainly manufactured by Avery, 3M and Oracal. They are specials vinyl films that are manufactured for interior decoration.

Are the colours of the Vinylize Wall Deco sticker on my computer screen exactly the same as the ones I am going to receive?

There might be a slight colour divergence of the colours you are experiencing through your screen and the real colours of your Vinylize depending on the chromatic calibration of your screen for RGB colours.

On what surface should I apply my Vinylize Wall Deco sticker?

Any smooth surface is ideal for your Vinylize.

How long my Vinylize Wall Deco sticker will last on my wall?

The vinyl manufacturer guarantees against natural damage for 5 years when applied in an exterior space. However inside your house, if its not exposed at direct light and moisture it will last longer.

Is my Vinylize Wall Deco sticker going to damage my wall?

Vinylize will not cause any natural damage to your wall. It can also be removed without leaving any residue to your walls.

The Vinylize Wall Deco sticker I received has more pieces than the one I have seen at the picture of the product !

The philosophy of Vinylize Wall Deco stickers is that you are the creator of the final composition. For this reason your wall sticker may contain extra pieces. Use them to adjust the length of the composition according to your wall dimensions.

My Vinylize Wall Deco sticker has lots of pieces, how difficult is going to be for me to apply it on my wall?

Is going to be more difficult than applying a single coloured Vinylize Wall Deco sticker, but that does not mean you have to be an expert. We recommend to cut the graphics and stick them with a masking tape temporarily on your wall, without removing the transparent tape. When you are absolutely satisfied with your composition start applying it one by one. Start with the pieces on the background and bottom and move on to the forward layer.

Can I clean my Vinylize Wall Deco sticker?

You can easily clean it by using a damp cloth and water.

I am bored of my Vinylize Wall Deco sticker. How can I remove it?

Removing your Vinylize Wall Deco sticker is easy. Take the edge and slowly pull you sticker form the wall, the same way you would do with a simple sticker. If the glue is still strong use a hairdryer and slightly heat the sticker's surface before removing it.

Can I order by phone?

Off course, just call us on (+30) 2106033237. Remember we are based in Greece so beware that we are on a GMT +2 local time.

Can I cancel my order?

In order to cancel your order please contact Vinylize Wall Deco by email at info@vinylize.gr or call us on (+30) 2106033237. Cancellations are accepted till the moment we inform you that the shipping of your Vinylize Wall Deco sticker has occurred.

Can i ask for a Business invoice instead of a normal receipt?

Of course, all you have to do is say so at your comments during your checkout, Dont forget to give us your Business information (Name, AFM, DOY, Address)

My Vinylize is faulty, what should I do?

In case we have sent you a faulty Vinylize Wall Deco sticker please contact us immediately by email at info@vinylize.gr or call us on (+30) 2106033237. Your wall sticker will be replaced without any charge.

Can you refund my purchase?

In case you are not delighted with your purchase you can return your Vinylize Wall Deco sticker by post provided that the product is in excellent condition. Please refer to our "Delivery Info" page for further information.

Is there a possibility to come and apply my Vinylize Wall Deco sticker on my wall?

Yes there is such possibility but only for the area of Athens and its suburbs. Call us to book an appointment for delivering and applying your Vinylize Wall Deco sticker. The cost of this service is between 40 to 80 € depending on the area you are living and the Vinylize Wall Deco's product(s) you purchased.

Do you offer wholesale discounts?

Yes, we supply with wall stickers several stores in Greece and Europe. For more information on Wholesale prices and terms, please drop us an email requesting wholesale details.

Is that all? I have another question!

Well you can always contact us by an email (info@vinylize.gr) or phone us (+30 2106033237) for further inquires.