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Vinylize Wall Deco - Wall Stickers

Once upon a time, a daring Greek duo start to design wall deco stickers in a small London flat. Now, they are delivering highly desirable, top-notch stickers of quirk and humor. Cheeky, fresh and fun, this collection of wall stickers from Vinylize Wall Deco is not to be missed.

You want your walls to look wild? But wallpaper is such a commitment. With the Vinylize Wall Deco's wall stickers, you can transform your wall—and your room—into a stylised, Mad Men-style scene (without the messy bits). The sticker is self-adhesive, can be applied to any flat surface very easily and last up for many years. And if you get bored of sitting in a bright metropolis, it leaves no sticky residue behind, so you can whip it off and reclaim your blank canvas.

Give your personal style on your walls. Stick these wall stickers in any smooth surface such as windows, furniture, mirrors, computers and even your bathroom. Simple and easy, peel off the transparent transfer tape and stick the design where you want.


You have no excuses now!
The days of boring art and boring walls are over

Vinylize Wall Deco - My Spanish Kitchen - Wall Sticker

Vinylize Wall Deco - I Love Books - Wall Sticker

Vinylize Wall Deco - My Vinyl Brush - Wall Sticker

Vinylize Wall Deco - Hanging Bulbs - Wall Sticker

Vinylize Wall Deco - Wonderland Countryside - Wall Sticker