Wall Sticker Size:
Chandelier Size: 60 cm length x 72 cm height (without the chain)
Chain Size: 2 cm length x 4.60m height

Lets transform your humble lamps into a beautiful chandelier… simply with a Vinylize Wall Deco wall sticker!

The chain consists of 8 pieces with a size of 58×2 cm each. If applied in a single row it’s length will be 4,60 meters.

Colour Options:
In order to proceed with your online order please select the desirable colour from the field above.

Decorate your empty walls easily and economically with just a wall sticker by Vinylize Wall Deco. No mess, no stress and no DIY skills necessary. With our wall stickers you can give a room a totally new look within just few minutes. Our stickers are made by a special vinyl film for interior application, they are totally removable and leave absolutely no marks on the surface they’re stuck to. Details of how to affix and remove and an application card are included with each wall sticker set.

Please see sheet layout for exactly what you will receive.

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