Blackboard Cloud Ladder

  • Blackboard Cloud Ladder a Wall Sticker by Vinylize Wall Deco

Blackboard Cloud Ladder


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Wall Sticker Size:
Total sticker size: 200 x 140 cm (length x height)
Big Cloud: 100 x 50 cm (length x height)

A sticky cloud blackboard. A wall sticker different from all others as like the school blackboard, the child can write and erase what it wants just with chalk and a sponge! Stuck the sticker on the blackboard … write, erase, rewrite …

It can easily be stuck to any smooth surface (walls, furniture, glass, etc.) and can be removed without leaving any residue.

Inside the package you will find a blackboard sticker, application instructions, application card and 4 plastic chalks… which will produce less dust while writing! Alternatively you could use a white board marker.

Please see sheet layout for exactly what you will receive.

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